Feather Wand Cat Stick Toy
Feather Wand Cat Stick Toy

Feather Wand Cat Stick Toy

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  • 🐈The wonderful wand of wonder with nice feathers and sparkling sparklers keep them curious. Flexible nylon rope and aerodynamically configurable hood hoods that mimic the action of a REAL bird in flight.

  • 🐈Your cat will love the real feathers on this. This toy uses a chicken and rooster feather to attract your cat in the game.

  • 🐈Cats are obsessed with this toy and they also take it for you to play. You can make it jump like a dolphin for the chance to capture it.

  • 🐈Cats are happier and healthier emotionally, physically and mentally when they are in contact with their basic hunting instincts. This is a great toy to interact with your kitten to play and exercise. Sliding its feathers looks, sounds and feels like real birds.

  • 🐈The cat wands make the ideal gift for anyone, including your own cat. What a great way to keep your cat healthy and fit for life! (Simply click the Pet Fit For Life link below our product title above to see our great selection of cat wands)


Material: Plastic

Size: 34 x 22.5 x 2.5 cm

Weight: 100 Grams






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