Bulldog Resin Toilet Roll Holder
Bulldog Resin Toilet Roll Holder

Bulldog Resin Toilet Roll Holder

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  • Multi-purpose storage, hanging paper, hanging towels, hanging scarves, hanging bags, the process of storage and access is more interesting, practical and decorative.
  • The cute paper roll tube adds a sense of ritual to the beautiful life, the creative dog design, the cool facial expression, the main body presents the roll paper and sends warmth, warm and convenient home new choice.
  • The elastic drawbar is designed to save effort, without the need to pull out the paper core, which is convenient for paper towel replacement.
  • Hand-painted, 3D animal relief, vivid expression, cool and full of flavour, choose environmentally friendly resin, vivid and interesting, suitable for living rooms, washrooms, kitchens, entrances, restaurants, hotels, etc.


Can bear 10kg.

Suitable for painted surface, smooth white painted wall, wood grain surface, metal cabinet surface, transparent glass, marble surface, smooth tile surface.

Not suitable for ash-grey walls, textured wallpaper walls.

Weight: 0.75kg

Size: As Shown

3 - 副本


Package Includes: 

Tissue Holder *1 (no tissue)



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